Research Centre


To begin within modestly Symed Research Centre was commissioned in 2002 utilizing the facility of the Symed Unit-II, in Jeedimetla. The same was relocated to Shapur Nagar, Hyderabad in 2008. It has developed into Symed Research and Process Development centre, spread over 1,870 sq.mts having equipped with all the infrastructural, instrumental and technical facilities. It has the competency to develop and commercialize processes for Active Pharmaceutical Ingredients (APIs).Symed possesses a strong team over of 100 highly qualified and skilled Scientists headed by the Managing Director Dr.D.Mohan Rao,, Ph.D, himself.

Truly, our Research and Process Development Centre is a functional area, the originator of ideas, avenues and, innovations Symed Research and Process Development Centre is involved in working on advanced and new Drug Molecules of several therapeutic categories by working-out alternative PNIP routes followed by their process development for Commercialization. It has the credit of working–out completely and marketing several of newer drug molecules, at most affordable and cheaper price. These are also expected to cater to the needs of both regulated and non-regulated market.

Symed Research and Process Development Centre has competency in developing intellectual property in the area of Patent non-infringing process and resolving and simplifying the complex chemistry challenges

Thus, Symed Labs has several process patents and polymorph patents (US, Europe, Indian) to its credit.

This centre meets cGLP requirements very satisfactorily and scrupulously and is focused in the advanced research areas of Organic Synthesis, Analytical methods and Process development.

The Chemists and Scientists at the centre are ever-striving for excellence with innovative thoughts, involving modern techniques, skills and thoughts under most experienced and qualified leadership. The synthetic skills, instrumentation and analytical knowledge base at the centre facilitates:

  • Synthesis of even complex molecules with multiple chirality involving multiple steps, in a reasonably simplified way.
  • Experimental Generation of Process Development life-cycles within a reasonable time (3-4 months)
  • Impurity profiling as per Regulatory requirements, including potential Genotoxic Impurities (PTIs), in all products, thus developed.
  • Development of Methods of Analysis and specifications from: Raw Materials to non-compendia finished products
  • Stabilities of the developed products (Both Accelerated and Real-time)

Symed Research and Process Development Centre has also a well-established and strongly equipped Intellectual Property Management (IPM) department, manned by suitably qualified and experienced personnel to take care of our Non-Infringement Processes, Patent filing and Patent litigations.

Further, the centre in also equipped with sterile formulation R&D as its special wing, possessing combi-filling machine (for Vials and Ampoules).

Thus, Symed Research and Process Development Centre is totally committed for Developing Innovative Technologies, Creating an Advanced Knowledge base in Synthetic Chemistry of APIs and also Development of sterile drug delivery systems.